SwiftCam X3s 相机用手持云台



3-axis Stabilized Professional Handheld Gimbal

A revolution in filming technology, based on advanced algorithms, motors and sensors, bringing you an ultimate smoothness & precision for ultimate filming experience.

Multiple Control Modes Supported

Hanging/Follow/Lock mode equipped, tilt and pan axes can be set to smoothly follow your hand movements.

Designed and customized for DSLR’s

Widely supports from small Micro-Four-Third to heavier standard DSLR’s.

360 Degree Rotation

Unlimited 3-axis rotation, allows you to find any angle you want.

Professional but Simple

Using standard 26650 Li-ion battery, integrated into all-in-one CNC battery handle, no need to buy those expensive customized batteries anymore. Battery capacity can be easily checked as well via the battery indicator onboard.

Multiple Intelligences

High performance gimbal controller, follow-focus module, minimum size & weight but maximum performance & functionality provided.

Power & Precision

Newly developed high torque motors with new era algorithm controlled mechanism made the X3 capable of handling precise 3-axis stabilization with highest accuracy and lowest vibration.

3 Operation Modes

[1] Underslung, [2] Upright, and [3] Uni Modes allow you to film with all possibilities.No matter what scenery you’d like to take, simply transform your X3 as you want,no additional complex settings needed.

Control Modes

Mode 1 (press 1 time) Hanging Mode

Follow pan movements
Pan, Pitch controllable by Joystick
Controllable by transmitter at the same time.
Follow/Focus controllable

Mode 2 (press 2 times) Follow (Upright) Mode

Follow Pan and Pitch axis movements
Pan & Tilt Controllable by Joystick
Controllable by transmitter at the same time.
Follow/Focus controllable

Mode 3 (press 3 times) Lock Mode

3-Axis Auto balancing
Pan & Tilt Controllable by Joystick
Controllable by transmitter at the same time.
Follow/Focus controllable

Follow/Focus function

Precise Follow/Focus function equipped, allows you to zoom in and out remotely via the X3 onboard joystick or by the remote controller. Taking a clear view while chasing a moving project is no longer difficult with the help of the Follow/Focus function.

Easy Balance Mechanism Design

Specially designed center of gravity and weight distribution foroptimal balance while carrying it executing filming missions. No unnecessary efforts needed when moving the X3 around.

All-in-One, Convenient Backpack

Shock resistant harden sponges are well arrange inside protect your value equipments. Plenty of spaces inside for easy storage the X3, DSLR, lens and batteries all together in one bag.

Setup Your Studio in Minutes

No complex setting needed, setup your studio rapidly with just few steps, change the operation modes easily without extra setting procedure.


  • 3-axis handheld brushless gimbal
  • Gimbal stand
  • 26650 Li-ion battery
  • USB Li-ion charger
  • USB charger cable
  • Follow focus module
  • Hex Key Tool
  • Carrying bag


  • Support Smartphone APP
  • APP Battery Level Display
  • Profile Setting
  • Roll Adjustment
  • Speed Setting
  • PID Tuning
  • APP Joystick Control
  • Wireless Firmware Update
  • Designed & customized to fit various DSLR’sMultiple Operation Modes
  • Unlimited 3-axis rotation angle
  • Rotation speed control
  • All-in one CNC Battery Grip
  • Standard 26650 LiIon Battery
  • Battery capacity and warning indicator
  • Easy balance mechanism design
  • Convenient Carry Bag
  • Follow/Focus Module
  • Weight 3.07 kg, load weight (Reference Value) 2kg